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  1. 01 Purpose
  2. 02 Introduction
  3. 03 What is Exposure?
  4. 04 Why Does Exposure Matter?
  5. 05 Reducing Exposure
  6. 06 Why do regulators care?
  7. 07 What has been the regulatory response?


Why does collateral management exist? Why do regulators insist some firms carry it out?

This course aims to explain the answers to these questions. The course leads to the reasons for the Uncleared Margin Regulations which many firms have to follow.

This course answers questions such as:

  • Why does collateral management exist at all?
  • What is an exposure?
  • Why care about exposure?
  • How can you reduce exposure?
  • What is the view of regulators on exposure?
  • What have regulators done to reduce exposure?

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