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What is the Background to UMR and Initial Margin?

Why have regulators introduced UMR? Who is affected? What has ISDA done to help?

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Background to IM and UMR

Why did UMR come about?


IM Scope

The phases of UMR and AANA, plus the proposed new UMR phases.


Regulatory Variation Margin vs Initial Margin

An overview of VM and IM to meet the regulations.


Initial Margin Collateral

How custodians fit into the picture to cover IM exposure.


An IM Tidal Wave?

A quantified look at the July 2019 BCBS IOSCO UMR re-phasing proposal.


Delivery Timescales

Thoughts on how long your firm may take to prepare for UMR.


Author: MarginTonic

MarginTonic is a boutique consultancy specialising in UMR.