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Custodian Selection for IM and UMR

How do you choose a custodian for UMR? What is the difference between Third Party and TriParty?

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The focus for this article is the role of Custodians in the new IM flow and what factors should be taken into consideration when selecting your Custodian.


Custodian Changes

Selecting a custodian and chart summarising the difference between Triparty and Third party services.


Triparty Custodians

An explanation of the Triparty custody model with six steps.


Third Party Custodians

The Third Party Custodian model is far more similar to the standard flow used for Variation Margin. 


Selecting An IM Pledge Custodian

A flow chart of ways to select a custodian.


Author: MarginTonic

MarginTonic is a boutique consultancy specialising in UMR