CloudMargin Academy is currently in BETA. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

CloudMargin Academy

CloudMargin Academy

CloudMargin Academy is an online learning platform featuring topics that impact collateral management.

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Whether you are new to collateral management or a veteran, we have courses for you. Courses will be added and modified as the industry changes so stay tuned!

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CloudMargin Academy is constantly being updated to help you improve. Stay up to date and contribute your ideas here.

Frequently asked questions

Who is CloudMargin Academy for?

CloudMargin Academy is designed for anyone interested in or working in the collateral management space. Whether you are new to collateral management or a veteran, we have courses for you. Start browsing courses today!

What type of courses are available?

CloudMargin Academy courses are designed to help the CloudMargin community better understand key topics that impact collateral management teams. The platform is in beta and there will be more courses added and modified as the industry changes. Stay tuned by signing up for the CloudMargin Mailing List.

Is it free?

Yes! All courses are currently free. They do require registration.

How do I sign up?

Simply click the registration link and get started!

Who sponsors CloudMargin Academy?

CloudMargin Academy was created and developed by CloudMargin team, partners and industry experts. It is a platform to share knowledge and expertise for the collateral management industry. For each course, you will be able to view the course contributor, including instructor name, title, company and credentials.

Can I contribute to CloudMargin Academy?

Anyone can submit course ideas at anytime. Our team reviews these submissions periodically and will develop new courses based on interest. If you are an industry expert that wants to develop a course with CloudMargin, please reach out to us

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